ThoughtFlow Therapy

Austin, Texas

“The human condition is essentially the conflict between the human need for control and a universe that provides little if any of it.
Once we accept this and get into the flow of life, we are free and, paradoxically, able to get better results.”
(Oli Anderson; Personal Revolutions)

Thomas Khang Dong, M.S., LPC

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council Licensed #75157

I enjoy working with college students, professionals in healthcare, caregivers, singles that are dating/looking to date, single parents, newly divorced or separated, and specifically young adult couples looking to improve their relationships amidst juggling school, work, new baby, or life transitions. I also have a strong interest in helping individuals who struggle with the bi-cultural experience and inter-generational conflicts.

I provide hope and empathy when working with clients who are part of an interracial/intercultural relationship w/one or both partners being of mixed-race identities and happen to be struggling w/ cross-cultural issues. I aim to remain culturally sensitive to issues of race, diversity, generational differences, and stand as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.
I strive to help clients be more comfortable with the present, feel more alive, and to be more compassionate towards themselves and others. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for new therapeutic support, please feel free to reach out to me and let’s see if we may be the right fit to collaborate towards meeting your life goals!

Counseling Topics

ThoughtFlow Therapy


Anxiety | Depression| Stress Management | Self-esteem | Personal Growth | Well-Being        Maintenance | Work & School Burnout | Co-Dependency  

Couples & Relationships

Improve Communication | Conflict Reduction | Cultivate Affection | Strategies for Connection | Explore Love Languages | Trust Building | Increase Intimacy | Explore Attachment Styles | Co-Parenting | Dating Strategies | Cultural Differences | Family of Origin 

Grief, Loss, & Bereavement

Five Stages of Grief (E. Kubler-Ross) | Loss of Pet, Partner/Spouse, Friend, Family, Colleague, Job, & Home (natural disasters) | Processing of Bereavement | Grief Recovery Strategies 

Adjustment to Change & Life Transitions

Relocation | Career | School | Relationship Status | Marriage | New Baby | Family Role|  Mental & Physical Health | Life after Death | Identity | Retirement | Relaxation | Financial Status | New Pet | New Roommate | LGBTQ+ Acceptance | Cultural Acceptance